6 Lessons Sir John Learned On His Way to Becoming Beyoncé’s Go-To Makeup Artist

You may recognize Sir John as Beyonce’s main makeup man. But before he got a regular gig glamming up the inhumanly beautiful celebrity who is also quite possibly the most revered woman alive, he paid his dues. He assisted British makeup phenom Charlotte Tilbury for years, learning and lugging makeup kits when they traveled and doing absolutely anything that needed doing behind the scenes at shoots. “I used to carry … Read More →

Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Repair Serum Is Perfect For Red, Blotchy Skin

It quietly hit Sephora shelves (and its site) this Monday, though the Kith show was its secret-but-very-public debut. And now that it’s out, we can promise this: It won’t be a secret anymore. Because it does exactly what it says it will: Help annoyed, stressed-out skin calm down. It’s supposed to work by teaming soothing centella asiatica with copper, zinc, and selenium, which form a protective barrier on your skin. … Read More →