Pink Blush Hair is the definition of high quality human hair that every woman would love. With Pink Blush Hair, your style and creativity is limitless. With lengths ranging from 12 inches, up to 30 inches, you can be as sleek and or exotic as you choose to be.

Having gorgeous hair and being able to create any desired hairstyle makes any women feel self-confident and attractive at the same time. Our mission here at Pink Blush Hair is to bestow a simple and hassle free way to provide the hair you always dreamed of! With the purchase of our long lasting premium quality human hair you can now ENHANCE your personal look, whether you like the long and curly look or short and straight look‚ Pink Blush Hair Company finest quality hair permits you to create any style you want with an extraordinary result.

Pink Blush Hair was established in 2011, it was names after the daughter of the owner Wailane Miller-Ellis. Our motto and promise to our consumer(s) is to carry 100% natural Virgin Brazilian Hair imported directly from Rio, Indian hair from India and a host of other exotic human hair. Our hair is not chemically processed in any way, therefore, leaves no damage to the cuticle. In addition, we strive for the best possible pricing to make Brazilian hair more affordable to all! We never mix our hair with any other human, animal or synthetic fiber hair.

Our hair is different because not only do we carry unprocessed hair that can be styled, dyed, and treated to your specifications, but it becomes an extension of YOU and your customizations to suit your every need. Our premium quality Indian, Brazilian and; Malaysian Virgin Remy hair can be compared to a canvas for an artist’s masterpiece. The hair that you purchase is in its most flawless state: it’s pure and without ever being altered by chemicals. Your new hair will be naturally beautiful, healthy and strong‚ ready to be styled to match your own personal look.

With Pink Blush Hair we take the beauty you already possess and enhance it that much more, helping the shy woman become the true outgoing person she is, the business woman shows her ability to be exact and the perfectionist she is from head to toe. In other words, we hope and aim to empower woman and show the inner and outer beauty that’s already there by providing them with voluptuous and beautiful hair.

We carry top quality Brazilian, Malaysian and Indian hair, all virgin, 100% percent human hair and natural in color as well as carry all textures. By carrying multiple textures this can better help you, our wonderful client, find the perfect match to combine with your own hair giving you the most natural look possible.

Pink Blush Hair Company understands that each client’s needs are unique and we therefore stay on par with the latest trends and new human hair technology to meet your styling needs.

You will get great quality, tangle free, shed free hair, and the look of a natural to style and touch, hair and a great price! We believe in our product so much that we use no other hair on our models nor do the staff of our Pink Blush Hair Company wear any other hair. By joining the Pink Blush Hair revolution, you will become apart of a great movement! Purchase Pink Blush Hair today!

For more information, please contact a Pink Blush Hair sales associate via our contact page or call (646) 639-4744